(: parent teacher :)

When my mum went to parent teacher I though I was getting a bad report.

But when mum went down to the school to get it then come and show me i was suprised that I had a very good report i am very happy with my report.

I feel I need to improve in listening and talking skills in class and im going to try and improve that by the end of this year.


(: cars :)

the different’s between friend ship and popularity.

popularity is when u be what every one wonts you to be and not your self to think if u dont act like they wont you to you will have no friends                                                                                                                                                                                         with having a “friend ship” with some one is when you dont care what people think of you.you just act like yourself it doesent matter how many friends you have as long as your happy.

the famous race car was a very up noxious snobby and rude with no real friends he gets stuck in a small town where no one liked him but in the end he changed his ways by being nice,caring,friedly and helping.

the cars that changed his life where sally,matter and doc.                                                                                                                       doc changed him by showing him winning isent every thing.                                                                                                                         sally showed him that the town us to be so greamt before the interstate came in that made him care about the town.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           mater said to him “your my best friend” and lightning promised to give matter a ride in a helecopter and he keept his promise.

  (: beth 🙂

 i picked beth because she is truthworthy 

 allways there for me

always being friendly and kind

 she always makes me laugh even when im sad

 she always is having great fun and enjoying evry moment of this world thats why i picked beth

                                                                  well thats it about friend ship bye 🙂

polar bears

                                                                                      Polar Bears

Polar bears live only in the northern Arctic  they spend most of their time on ice . They are the largest land meat-eater in the world .

Females may prefer ice along the shoreline while others prefer moving sea ice at the floe edge -usually within 180 miles of shore.

Polar Bears diet is Eating mostly ringed and bearded seals. They will occasionally eat other mammals, eggs, vegetation and beach-cast carrion. Polar bears don’t drink water. they get all the liquids they need from other animals.

                                                                                               polar bears                                                                             

camp report

IMG_0027in may all the 6/7 went to wood field lodge when we  first got there we sat on a stage and got put in to cabins i got put with jaimi-lee,lucy,sophie,brooke,kaylee,beth,shania and emma it was awsome after we dumped our stuff we went to find out our activite 6/7 A and 6/7 B  worked together and we went to build shelter’s then go for an hour and a half walk it was very tiering when we got back we did what ever we wanted i went on the flying fox about 4 times that night we slept next the teacher’s cabin the first night i got to sleep at 3 in the morning the reson was that beth felt sick all over so brooke and i sayed up with her.

The next day we woke up and went out side at 7 oclock and had breakfast and did any thing for awhile than we did some activite it was fun that night i went uo to the game room and played  air hockey i nearly won after that we had to go to our cabin  3 of our people fell asleep at 3 in the morning the rest of use which was 6 stayed awake till 6 in the morning.

Our camp was very fun hope they have another 🙂

by shakira

10 tips how to check a website is worth using?

  1.  read throw a couple of sentences to see if its true
  2. check the pictures to see if they are realy.
  3. reaserch more in to the subject.
  4. don’t copy work  it could be wrong
  5. ask a teacher if they no if its real our not.
  6. on the page check for correct spelling.
  7. think about if  you have heard of it before.
  8. think about what information you will need then look and see if it’s there.
  9. ask someone if they have used it before.
  10. see if there is a known label like NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC  on the page.

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